In December 2019, two fearless female researchers (us) decided to found RESULT – Research Consult. We had discussed it for months, thinking, reflecting, planning – now it was time to go the whole hog. Our idea: bringing scientific quality and constructive critique into consulting the international cooperation on topics such as gender, multiculturalism and beyond. And of course, getting super rich and become successful award-winning women leaders (but one step at a time).

We started to inform our network. Friends, former and current colleagues, random people we met during workshops, conferences and seminars, even ex-boyfriends. Most were excited for us, many supported us – and even the ex-boyfriends (or at least some of them) replied with a smiley or a crossed-fingers, wishing us good luck.

We launched our website, our Linkedin account, our blog (it’s this one!). We read tons of documents about how to fund a company, how to do a businessplan, how to apply for calls. We began looking for opportunities, answering calls for applications, contacting potential clients. And yes, feedback was overwhelmingly great until… well… Corona.

As it turned out, – and as you might have guessed – our timing to found our own business could not have been worse. But really, who could have imagined that the whole world would be on lockdown only several weeks after our business launch? 

So here we are now, already struggling. In the meantime, we decided to do what social scientists know best: analyzing the situation and writing about it, share our burden, exchange with other Corona-co-founders and entertain you for free, as long as the crisis keeps you from hiring us for the money we’re worth.

Excited to read more about our female co-founding story in times of Corona and learn from our journey for your own business launch?

Stay tuned for the next blog post on the three things you can do to boost your newly launched business despite lockdown.