Welcome to RESULT – Research Consult

Understanding power, making constructive use of resistance 

We accompany internationally operating organizations and people in change processes -through dynamic science and creatively fresh consulting.

Our approach

Our goal is to work with you, to make power structures and frictions inherent to your organizational structure visible and help you to use potential resistances in a constructive way. We accompany you and your processes in a participative and inclusive way to create equal social relationships, and changes that are supported by all participants.

We are currently the only women-led organizational consultancy that works on the topics of power and resistances in change processes in Germany. Science-based, creative and humorous, we work with women power and an international network of power women.

Why power and resistance?

We are all part of numerous power relations: Be it as a citizen in relation to the state, as an employee in relation to an organization, as an employee in relation to the manager, as women in relation to men or as minority groups of people in relation to the majority of society.

These power relations influence how we feel, how we work. They come to light in organizational change processes. Here, they can lead to friction and resistance which, if not used constructively, can have destructive effects on employees and the organization itself.

What we are particularly good at:

Participatory process design and support/supervision
• Inclusive qualitative and quantitative surveys, analyses and impact measurements
• Interactive facilitation/moderation, workshops and training

We work with participatory methods and current approaches from the social sciences.

We speak and work in German, English and French.

Do you want to learn more about how we combine scientific theory with practical consulting on the topics of power and resistance? verbinden? Lesen Sie unseren Blog!