For this year’s international women’s day, we asked ourselves: how will we, as co-founders of and consultants at RESULT – Research Consult help forge a gender equal world?

We only needed three minutes to identify our three biggest contributions to global gender equality. But what seems to be obvious for us, needs to be written down black on white more often, so here we go:

1. As female co-founders, we want to set a positive example for other fearless women who want to pursue their dream of building their own business. We invest in women networkig and mentoring programs and believe in the power of solidarity between women.

2. As women from the Global Norths, we are conscious about our various privileges and “invisible knapsack” (add Peggy McIntosh’s book White Privilege to your reading list to know more about this concept) and commit to its deconstruction. We identify as intersectional feminists and adopt a personal lifestyle and professional culture that helps us to become allies for women of color and women from the Global Souths in order to achieve global gender equality.

3. Through our work at RESULT, we conciliate social-scientific feminist perspectives with the practice of gender in international development and peace. We consider RESULT as a purpose-based consultant agency, that questions standardized procedures and one-fits-all approaches, that is committed to participant methods and the deconstruction of power relations beyond the idea of gender equality.